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Tour 2016

Tour 2016

In honour of the thirtiest anniversary of the Oldtimerclub Tilligte, the club organizes several parties to celebrate. After all, we do not want our anniversary to be ignored. Our anniversary will of course be celebrated on 3 and 4 September, 2016, with the first edition of the Twents Oldtimer Festival. On several occasions until then, we would also like to commemorate this milestone.


On april 24, 2016, after the immense success of the first 'Snertrit', we will organize another tour. Not for oldtimertractors like the 'Snertrit', but for oldtimer cars and trucks. Oldtimer-owners can apply now.


The Tour 2015 will start in the center of Tilligte. The route will be approximately 120 km's, but the rest will remain a secret. We can share that the attendants will drive through beautiful scenery in Twente. One can apply for free, but we welcome any donation.


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Participating in the Tour 2016 is at your own risk. Drivers need a valid drivers license. Only insured vehicles can drive with us. Drivers will receive more information after applying.


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